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Year 10 Students From the Queens Junior Academy Complete SMAE Flight Simulator Experience


School children demonstrating flight simulation technology

Year 9 pupils from the Queens Junior Academy Programme visited the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering on 12 May when they completed a challenge to design and test a boat made from tinfoil and card.  Ashfield Boys’ High School and Strangford College students both won awards at the event and were invited back to complete our flight simulator experience with Dr Jonathan Cole.  The students who are now in Year 10, were Owen Lee, Boss Ferguson, Josh Quirey, David Morgan Rice and Jay Martine from Ashfield and Josh Kelly, Alexandra Cree, Bailey Dunlop, Sophie Rogan and Lucy Jamison from Strangford.  The flight sim. experience involved flying a mission under the supervision of Imelda and David, where the students completed take off, cruise and landing operations using our Merlin flight simulator. Many thanks to the students as well as their teachers and the team from our Widening Participation Unit, for their help in making the day a great success.  For more information on the Junior Academy Programme please visit the website here.  For more pictures from the event feel free to visit our Facebook page

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