Composite Materials and Structures

Fundamental Science and Engineering Application of Composites

Exploring the design, analysis, manufacture, physical and virtual testing of advanced damage tolerant, multifunctional and nano-enhanced  composite materials and structures

Exemplar Research

Composite simulation of crust test

Damage Mechanics and Crashworthiness

Developing damage tolerant composites

Accurate prediction and performance enhancement of carbon fibre reinforced plastic composites under impact

Microscopic view of carbon nanotubes

Nano-enhanced Multi-functional Composites

Development of nano-modified intelligent and adaptable materials

Exploring Carbon Nano-Tube technology for structural health monitoring, self-healing and environmental adaptability

Simulation of composite draping process

Composite process modelling

Simulating the forming and moulding of complex shapes

Enabling process optimisation through accurate modelling predictions

Diagram of composite design process

Composite Structural Optimisation

Multidisciplinary optimisation of laminated composite structures

Integrated structural design and manufacturability analysis of large Carbon Fibre components

Our Research Family

Prof. Adrian Murphy


Composite aero-structure design and analysis, composite manufacture and cost modelling

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Prof. Brian Falzon

Head of School

Virtual composite testing and design, nano-enhanced multifunctional composites, crashworthiness

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Dr Damian Quinn


Virtual composite testing, manufacturing analysis of laminated composites, structural design of composite aero-structures

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Dr Dan Sun


Nano-composite manufacture and characterisation, plasma assisted nanomaterials

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Dr Gary Menary

Senior Lecturer

Composite process simulation, composite material characterisation

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Dr Gasser Abdelal


Composite multi-scale and multi-physics modelling

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Dr Peter Martin


Nanocomposites, thermoplastic composites, process modelling

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Dr Giuseppe Catalanotti


Structural integrity, Continuum Damage Mechanics, and Experimental Mechanics

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Prof. Biqiong Chen


Design, preparation, structure and properties of advanced polymer nanocomposites

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Dr Zafer Kazancı

Senior Lecturer

Finite element modelling, auxetic structures, time-dependent external pulses and crashworthiness

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