Future Aircraft

Innovating the Future of Aerospace

Sustainable aviation is the overarching theme of our aerospace research.  This is aimed at coupling advanced simulation methods with new design, material and manufacturing processes to improve the physical, environmental and economic performance of future aircraft systems.  Research activities span aerodynamics, powerplant, aeroelasticity, aircraft operations, design, analysis & optimisation and structural testing. A major focus of our work is the integration of these disciplines into an overall systems framework.

Exemplar Research

CFD simulation of aircraft mid-air refuelling

Aerodynamic & Aeroelastic Optimisation

Computational methods for aerodynamic and aeroelastic analysis and design.

Our primary aim is to develop advanced high-fidelity methods for the analysis and design of future aerospace vehicles.

Detailed CAD model of aircraft fuselage

Digital Aircraft Manufacture and Assembly

Collaborative simulation tools and advanced virtual environments for optimal product / process design.

Improved design concurrency for digital manufacture, assembly validation and through life performance.

Global visualisation of future air traffic hubs

Aircraft Operations

Air traffic management and systems integration

Meeting the safety and efficiency needs needs of 21st century air traffic expansion.

Experimental testing aparatus

Advanced structural analysis

Experimental and numerical static strength analysis of aircraft wing and fuselage structures

Design and validation of novel geometric, material systems and manufacturing solutions

Our Research Family

Prof. Adrian Murphy


Aircraft structural design and analysis, manufacture and cost modelling

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Prof. Brian Falzon

Head of School

Aero-structural optimisation, virtual testing, aerospace multi-functional composites

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Prof. Cecil Armstrong


Computer aided engineering for aerospace applications, aircraft load and stress characterisation

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Dr Damian Quinn


Aircraft structural design-for-manufacture and optimisation, virtual testing of aero-structures

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Dr Danielle Soban


Advanced aircraft design methods, systems engineering, aircraft value driven design

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Dr Gasser Abdelal


Aircraft manufacturing simulation, multi-scale and multi-physics simulation

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Dr Joseph Butterfield

Senior Lecturer

Virtual aircraft manufacture and assembly, through life engineering

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Dr Juliana Early

Senior Lecturer

Aerodynamic analysis and optimisation, aircraft operations, cost-benefit analysis

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Dr Marco Geron


Thermo-fluid modelling, computational fluid dynamics, reduced order modelling

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Dr Yan Jin

Senior Lecturer

Automated aircraft assembly, digital lean manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing

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Dr Trevor Robinson

Senior Lecturer

Design-simulation integration, finite element modelling, adjoint optimisation methods

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Research Community


Our researchers

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