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Postgraduate Research Studentships

PhD studentships are available for applicants who wish to undertake full-time research in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. Funding arrangements differ from project to project, so guidance on eligibility and stipend should be sought from the individual project description/supervisor.

Further details for each individual project can be found by clicking on the title of the project within the table.  


Queens University Belfast is a diverse and international institution which is strongly committed to equality, diversity and selection on merit. Currently women are under-represented in research positions in the School and accordingly, applications from women are particularly welcome.


Applications should be made electronically through the

Queen’s online application portal by clicking here.

If you are interested in multiple projects you

should make a separate application to each.


Projects Pending Studentships





Adrian Murphy

Simulation tools for the design of bespoke nacelle lightning strike protection solutions

Simulation Technologies & Advanced Manufacturing

Alex Lennon

Research Opportunities in Soft Matter Biomechanics


Ali Aravand

Interface formation in injection overmoulding of composite structures for aerospace and automotive applications


Beatrice Smith

Evaluating the non-market co-benefits of biogas to enable expansion of biogas fuel supply into new markets

Clean Energies

Biqiong Chen

Composite Materials and Structures Bio-engineering Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Composites materials and structures, bio-engineering, advanced manufacturing and processing

Brian Falzon

Uncertainty quantification in modelling damage in composites arising from manufacturing variability


Damian Quinn

A multi-fidelity simulation platform for assessing the damage tolerance of composite aero structures

Simulation Technologies, Future Aircraft

Dan Sun

Novel Composite as coating for Bioimplants to Achieve Enhanced Functionality

Biomaterials, advanced manufacturing

Dani Soban

Bio-Inspired Aircraft Design Enabled through Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Future Aircraft, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Declan Nolan

Adaptive pre-processing of impact simulations

Simulation Technologies

Fraser Buchanan

Optimising mechanical properties and degradation profile of orthopaedic bone repair devices harmonised with tissue regeneration.


Gary Menary

Finite Element Modelling for Optimisation of Renewable packaging

Simulation Technologies

Gasser Abdelal

Developing physics-constrained Deep-Learning Neural Network to simulate coupled multiphysics nonlinear thermal plasma

Aircraft Thermal Protection system

Giuseppe Catalanotti

Welding of advanced thermoplastic aero-structures


Krishna Manda

3D-printed bioresorbable scaffolds for the regeneration of articular cartilage

Biomaterials & Biomechanics

Marco Geron

Numerical analysis of supersonic streamwise mixing to enable SCRAM jet combustion

Future Aircraft

Oana Istrate

Composite materials and structures, advanced manufacturing and processes, bio-engineering

Composite materials and structures, advanced manufacturing and processes, bio-engineering

Peter Martin

Processing of Plastics Waste Streams

Polymer Processing

Trevor Robinson

Multi-domain geometry and analysis representations

Simulation technologies

Yan Jin

Human robot collaborative assembly


Yasser Mahmoudi-Larimi

CFD of Turbulent Flow and Nosie Control over Airfoils Using Porous Materials

Aerospace engineering

Zafer Kazanci

Development of lightweight composite helmet using auxetic materials


Zahur Ullah

Development of finite element-based computational framework for assessing the structural performance of advanced composite structures

Composite materials and structures, simulation technologies

Stephen Spence

Design and productionisation of aerodynamic bearings using foil and hybrid air bearingtechnology for high speed turbo-machinery applications

Clean Energies


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