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Mr. John Power

Group Chair

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This initiative involves the implementation of a strategy for more effective qualitative and consistent involvement of health service users and carers in the education and clinical development of nursing and midwifery students.  The intention is that teaching and training at the School should more effectively reflect and meet the needs of health service users and carers.

Whilst there is some significant degree of involvement in some fields of nursing and midwifery teaching and training at the moment, the intention is to further develop a more meaningful involvement with users and carers functioning more as co-educators, both in terms of teaching but also to help guide and develop the research focus of the school. 

Guiding principles for this initiative involving users and carers will be equality of standing with the teaching and lecturing staff and the provision of effective educational and training support for those users and carers interested in becoming involved in this initiative. 

There are some current very good examples of practice in terms of user and carer involvement and the intention is to both build on these but also to embrace the ideas for developing teaching and education, emanating from users and carers as co-educators.

Publications List

Smith et al.(2008) Service user involvement in nursing, midwifery & health visit

Repper & Breeze (2007) User and Carer involement in HP Training

Lathlean et al (2006) Service User involvement in HC Education