‘Acquired Brain Injury: Costs and Consequences’ in the Canada Room


On the 11th of March Dr Mark Linden held a one day conference title ‘Acquired Brain Injury: Costs and Consequences’ in the Canada room and Council Chambers at QUB. Attended by over 70 delegates, the conference, which was funded by the Public Health Agency (PHA) and the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY), was opened by the honourable Mr Justice Stephens. Some of the speakers included Dr Ann Glang (University of Oregon), Prof Huw Williams (University of Exeter), Dr Nathan Hughes (University of Birmingham) and Dr Linden. The conference covered topics such as brain injury in Northern Ireland, the criminalisation of brain injury, educational interventions, the legal context and the experience of parenting after injury. The work of Mr Conall O’Rourke (2nd year PhD student) highlighted the extremely high rates of traumatic brain injury among young offenders (around 86%) in Northern Ireland which adds weight to a growing body of evidence suggesting that brain injury and offending behaviour are inextricably linked. Mr Justice Stephens called for the establishment of recommendations based on the conference outcomes which would guide public policy towards survivors of brain injury in Northern Ireland.



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