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Project Title

Exploratory study of the prevalence and experience of cardiac cachexia within a population of people with advanced heart failure in Northern Ireland

Research Focus

Chronic Illness & Palliative Care

Funder & Dates

Chest Heart & Stroke NI  June 2018-June 2012

Principle Investigator or Primary Supervisor ( if PhD project)

Prof Donna Fitzsimons

Co-Investigators or additional supervisors

Dr Joanne Reid, Dr Loreena Hill

Research Fellow (s) or PhD student

Ms Emma McGleenan

Name & Institution of Collaborators


Name of External Partner Organisation


Description of Project: Aim; Methods.




Aim: Explore the prevalence, experience and clinical implications of cardiac cachexia for patients with heart failure

A mixed methods cross-sectional study involving 3 phases.

Phase 1: Assess a sample (n=357) patients with advanced heart failure for signs of cachexia. Three validated questionnaires will be completed ( FACIT- fatigue, EuroQol 5- quality of life, FAACT- Functional assessment).

Phase 2: Semi-structured interviews with patients identified with cardiac cachexia ( n=12) and their caregiver ( n=12)

Phase 3: Workshop with key stakeholders to discuss findings and determine practice & future research implications

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Prof. Donna Fitzsimons

Dr. Loreena Hill


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