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Project Title

Development of a digital toolkit for objective clinical assessment of activity


Research Focus:

Maternal and Child Health 

Funder & Dates

Northern Ireland Connected Health Innovation Centre/Invest NI (2019-2020)

Principal Investigator or Primary Supervisor (if PhD project)

Dr Claire Kerr

Co-Investigators or additional supervisors


Research Fellow(s) or PhD Student


Name & Institution of Collaborators

Prof Chris Nugent & Dr Ian Cleland, Ulster University 

Name of External Partner Organisations

James Leckey Design (Leckey)

Contacq Ltd

Yellow Design

Description of Project:

Aim; Methods; Expected Outcomes


This project aims to research and develop a Digital Toolkit for Objective Clinical Assessment of activity. The Toolkit will integrate a range of state of the art sensing technologies for measurement of muscle activity from electromyography (EMG), joint movement (accelerometer and gyroscope), and gait characteristics (pressure sensors and gait mat). The toolkit will then use intelligent data analytics to process, correlate and visualise the data in a clinically meaningful way. The project will evaluate the toolkit within a paediatric population to assess the clinical effectiveness of Mobility aids developed by James Leckey Design.


URLs to external pages, e.g., study webpage, reports, publications etc.


Northern Ireland Connected Health Innovation Centre website

Leckey website