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Project Title

Relationships and Future Fatherhood Programme for Young Incarcerated Men

Research Focus:

Maternal and Child Health

ii) Working in the Community

Funder & Dates

Medical Research Council (UK)

April 2018 – October 2019

Principal Investigator or Primary Supervisor (if PhD project)

Professor Maria Lohan

Co-Investigators or additional supervisors

Dr Michelle Templeton;

Dr Carmel Kelly;

Mr David Grant

Dr Katie Buston

Professor Kate hunt

Research Fellow(s) or PhD Student

Dr Michelle Templeton

Name & Institution of Collaborators

Professor Kate Hunt (University of Stirling);

Dr Katie Buston (University of Glasgow)

Name of External Partner Organisations

Barnardo’s (NI & Scotland)

Description of Project:

Aim; Methods; Expected Outcomes


Aim: The aim of this study is to create an intervention to help young incarcerated men (YIM) develop positive, healthy relationships, and prepare for future fatherhood. 


Methods: We will co-produce the intervention using arts-based participatory methods together with young men from two prison sites (Hydebank - Northern Ireland & Polmont – Scotland). The intervention will include an interactive video drama, based on their real life experiences around sex, relationship and parenting while also being informed by theories of behavioural change, and understandings of inequalities in health. We will also scope methods for a future rigorous evaluation.


Expected Outcome:

Our proposal is timely given the UK government’s recent policy shift to reform prisons as sites of rehabilitation and the need for targeted interventions to deliver this.

This study aims to address the absence of early intervention programmes for YIM around sexual and mental health, relationships and future fatherhood.

Our participatory approach will ensure that the programme reflects real-life issues that resonate with the young men, and will be designed to help young men think for themselves about the importance of healthy relationships and fatherhood. The study will see the research team work in collaboration with the young men, Barnardo's staff (delivery partners) and our expert stakeholders group, that includes representation from the Prison Services, Departments of Justice & Health, and other advocates for prisoner health and rehabilitation, to develop the longer-term sustainability of the intervention. By the end of the study, we will have developed an innovative and bespoke programme for an especially marginalised group of young men in society that will be ready to trial in two UK prison sites.



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R&FF team - Ms D Sloan (Barnardo’s NI); Dr M Templeton; Mr D Grant; Ms L Hogg (Barnardo’s Scotland); Prof M Lohan & Dr K Buston (Uni of Glasgow)


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