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Project Title

Post-operative rehabilitation of the lower limb for children with cerebral palsy: a knowledge transfer initiative


Research Focus:

Maternal and Child Health 

Funder & Dates

Centre of Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy/National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (2016-2018)

Principal Investigator or Primary Supervisor (if PhD project)

Dr Claire Kerr

Co-Investigators or additional supervisors

Advisory Committee Chair: Prof Adam Scheinberg 

Research Fellow(s) or PhD Student

Dr Clare McKeaveney (Research Fellow) 

Name & Institution of Collaborators

Centre of Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Australia 

Name of External Partner Organisations

Physiotherapy departments of acute hospital trusts across Australia

Description of Project:

Aim; Methods; Expected Outcomes


Aim: to develop a toolkit to guide health professionals in the rehabilitation of children and adults with cerebral palsy following musculoskeletal surgery, and information to support carers and persons with cerebral palsy following musculoskeletal surgery. 


Methods: Surveys of healthcare professionals and current practice and systematic review for the healthcare professional component.

Qualitative interviews with persons with CP and their families. Child-led design and content development for the family resource.


Outcomes: Development of resources and knowledge translation activities with key stakeholder groups to ensure their uptake into practice, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that the standard of care provided to children with cerebral palsy in Australia is consistent and based on the best current evidence.

URLs to external pages, e.g., study webpage, reports, publications etc.


Download the child and family resource  (free)

Listen to the podcast about development of the resource

Check out the CRE-CP website


Any other relevant information


  • Workshops with Australian healthcare professions completed Mar 2018
  • Work presented at CRE-CP Consumer Involvement Conference (Melbourne) and Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (Auckland) 2018
  • Family resource circulated to all acute paediatric hospitals in Australia