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Dr Wafa Al-Jamal

I completed my PhD in Drug Delivery at UCL School of Pharmacy, London. In August 2017, I joined The School of Pharmacy, QUB, as a Reader in Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery. I am also a Prostate Cancer Research Fellow working on novel targeted nanomedicines for advanced prostate cancer. Prior joining QUB, I worked at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, as a Lecturer in Pharmacy and Drug Delivery (2013-2017), after working as a Senior Research Fellow at University College London and King’s College London (2008-2013). My multidisciplinary team works on developing novel nanomedicines for combinatory therapy and theranostic applications. Our research focuses on developing smart vectors for delivering a broad range of therapeutics and diagnostics. My group also works on fabricating multifunctional nanoparticles to target cancer and other diseases. Our long-term research goal is to facilitate the translation of nanoparticle-based therapeutics from the lab to the clinic.;