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Dr. Jonathan Coulter - SWAN Champion

I am a lecturer in the Experimental Therapeutic research group and a current joint SWAN champion at the School of Pharmacy, QUB. My research focuses on the development of novel approaches to improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy, while simultaneously reducing the adverse associated side effects. My group is currently comprised of five female PhD students and one male post-doctoral research fellow, one of whom is mothers to several young children. I am also a father to two young children under the age of 8, and as such understand the challenges of achieving an appropriate work/life balance. I afford flexible working hours to my team, and when possible strive to ensure that meetings are held between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. I recognise that life challenges more significantly impact the career progression of women, and that policies and procedures should be implemented to help overcome these limitations. As such, I strongly support the underpinning Athena SWAN of recognising advancement of gender equality, representing progression and success for all.