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Dr. Lezley-Anne Hanna - Senior Lecturer

Lezley-Anne Hanna

I am a Senior Lecturer (education) and pharmacist and teach across the MPharm programme having joint responsibility for the coordination of three modules. I am passionate about teaching and have won five educational awards and am a National Teaching Fellow. I lead various student recruitment activities and contribute to postgraduate programmes. I was instrumental in the School of Pharmacy successfully achieving a Silver award, having been a member of the SWAN SAT since 2013. Indeed, I now have a better understanding that some groups of people need more support to develop professionally and reach their full potential. I have recently developed a peer mentoring scheme for international undergraduate MPharm students and also mentor three junior academics on career progression.

My research interests centre on evidence-based practice and over-the-counter consultations and I have insight into this from the perspectives of public, pharmacists, pre-registration trainees, and undergraduate pharmacy students. I have also published pedagogical work on various areas including: assessment and feedback, professionalism, factors affecting career choice, and goal orientations. In each case, it has been interesting to investigate differences between male and female students’ opinions.

I write and review assessments for the pharmacy regulators’ examinations that determine professional membership and work with the NI Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Development to develop and deliver educational resources. I further support professional needs through membership of the Pharmacy Forum (pharmacist professional body in NI) Education and Research Committee. Working for these external professional bodies enables me to identify and address discrepancies between university teaching and real-world practice.

My PURE profile is available at: