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Dr. Larrañeta’s research group is focused on the development of new type of materials and devices for drug delivery applications.

The main objective of the designed delivery systems is to improve drug delivery allowing more efficient treatment and better patient compliance.


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Open to PhD applications in the field of pharmaceutical/medical materials for drug delivery applications.

Individuals interested in working with Dr Larraneta are welcome to contact him to discuss their ideas and/or possible collaborations.

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School of Pharmacy

Eneko Larraneta

Eneko Larraneta graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from University of Navarra (Spain) in 2007. The same year he returned to the School of Sciences at University of Navarra to undertake a PhD in Supramolecular Chemistry. After finishing his PhD, he worked as a research fellow in nanotechnology for drug delivery. In 2013 he moved to Belfast and started a research fellowship in microneedle technology for transdermal drug delivery with Prof. Donnelly in the School of Pharmacy before becoming an academic in 2016.


Research students

PhD Title: Development of Functional Hydrogels for prolonged Drug Delivery

Name: Sarah Stewart
Years of Study: 2017-2020
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD Title: Two-layered, sustained-release microneedles


Name: Ke Peng
Years of Study:

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