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Dr Edkins’ group work in the field of supramolecular pharmaceutics and molecular recognition towards understanding the factors leading to multiple crystal forms. 

We are especially interested in the appearance of pre-nucleation clusters in solution before crystallisation as well as the impact of molecular shape on the solid-state landscape. We apply a plethora of solid-state analytics along with solution spectroscopy and neutron scattering techniques to fully understand the solid state towards the formation of polymorphs, solvates/hydrates and co-crystals

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Open to PhD applications in the field of pharmaceutical solid-state investigations.

  • Pre-nucleation clusters in the crystallisation of polymorphs
  • Impact of bio-isosteric replacement on the occurrence of multiple crystal forms
  • Tailoring supra-molecular gels for sub-cutaneous injection
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PhD Title: The role of pre-nucleation aggregates on crystal hydrate formation

Name: Nadzri Bin-Mohd-Najib
Years of Study: 2015-2018
Country: Malaysia

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