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Dr Kett’s team aims to make drugs more effective through targeted delivery and improved stability, and use drying technologies and thermal analysis to help in this goal. We have improved freeze-drying methods for commercial formulations including antibiotics, hormones and vaccines. 

We have also developed a range of formulations that stabilise sensitive drugs and improve their uptake across biological barriers including mucosal tissue and biofilm. We work extensively in the use of thermal techniques to detect and characterise amorphous and polymorphic systems.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of pharmaceutics, vaccine technology, mucosal and thermal analysis including amorphous and polymorphic systems.

  • Novel mucosal delivery of biofilm penetrating antibiotics
  • Vaccine delivery via mucosal routes
  • Novel spray-dried powders for delivery to the lung


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School of Pharmacy

Vicki Kett


Vicky Kett is senior lecturer in pharmaceutics and has research interests in using thermal analysis to characterise, improve and develop formulations. Current focus includes using novel amorphous and particulate forms to improve delivery to mucosal surfaces including the lung, vaginal and nasal tissue.



PUBLIC OUTREACH and key achievements

Vicky’s research group has developed novel technologies to improve the delivery of vaccine and antibiotic to mucosal surfaces and through biofilm. The Vaccinetab formulation, developed for nasal vaccine delivery, won the Invent Life and Health prize in 2014


In 2002, Vicky was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Thermal Methods Group Cyril Keattch award for her work in thermal analysis in the development of freeze drying. She is current Past Chair of the group and is hosting the 2018 annual meeting at QUB. For further details of abstract submission or to register for either the conference or accompanying short course in thermal methods go to the RSC Events page at


Research students

PhD Title: 

Name: Mark Halus
Years of Study: 2014-2020
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD Title: Development of liposomal spray dried formulations for nasal delivery

Name: Sally Ragab
Years of Study: 2014-2017
Country: Egypt


PhD Title: Lipsomal delivery of antibiotics for treatment of pulmonary infection

Name: Natalie Orr
Years of Study: 2014-2018
Country: Northern Ireland

Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Yahya Dallal Bashi

PhD Title: Development of liposomes as pharmaceutical carriers for antibiotic and gene delivery

Years of Study: 2014-2017
Country: Iraq
Current position: Postdoctoral researcher at School of Pharmacy, QUB

Dr Harry Wijiya

PhD Title: Application of thermoanalytical techniques to the optimization and characterization of a freeze-dried formulation 

Years of Study: 2012-2014
Country: Indonesia
Current position: Formulation manager, DexaMedica, Indonesia

Dr Arvind Jain

PhD Title: Development of Freeze-dried nanoparticles incorporating gene therapy for the management of retinopathy of prematurity 

Years of Study: 2010-2013
Country: India
Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher in Oxford University

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