Parallel Sessions

Irish Patrimonies

Chair: David Dwan

David Dwan, Christopher Fauske, Nicholas Allen, David Fitzpatrick

Christopher Fauske ( Salem College, Mass. ): The Bishop, his son, the poetry, the prose


David Fitzpatrick (TCD): “I will acquire an attitude not yours”: Was Frederick John MacNeice a Home Ruler, and why does this matter?’


Nicholas Allen ( University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ): Autumn’s Ghosts: Jack Yeats and Ernie O’Malley


Other Countries

Chair: John Goodby (Swansea)

John Goodby, Maria Johnston, Konstantina Georganta, Tom Herron

Tom Herron (Leeds Metropolitan): In search of Ireland … in the Hebrides: I Crossed the Minch


Maria Johnston (TCD): “This endless land”: MacNeice’s America as an Important Elsewhere


Konstantina Georganta ( Glasgow University ): Louis & the Modern Greek Encounter


Chair: Matt Campbell (Sheffield)

Richard Brown, Brian Arkins, Guinn Batten

Brian Arkins (NUI Galway): Greek and Roman Themes in MacNeice


Richard D. Brown (Open University): O Master Pedlar: MacNeice & Shakespeare


Guinn Batten (Washington University, St Louis): MacNeice & Romantic crisis-autobiography


MacNeice & Documentary Film


Introduced by Des O’Rawe (QUB) Screenings of


Night Mail (1936)


Coal Face (1935)


Listen to Britain (1942)


Family Portrait (1951)


The Conquest of Everest (1953)


Modernism & Mobility


Chair: Julian Patrick (Toronto)


Conor Carville, Simon Ward, Hugh Haughton

Neil Jones ( Oxford University ): The impact of Modernism on MacNeice’s early poetic development


Simon Ward ( Aberdeen University ): Corner Seat: MacNeice’s mobile modern subject


Hugh Haughton ( York University ): MacNeice's Vehicles


Conor Carville (St Mary’s, Strawberry Hill): ‘“Both Brute & Ghost”: MacNeice’s spectral materialism

Autumn Journal


Chair: Nicholas Allen (North Carolina)


Katie Fleming, Ben Clarke, Michael Thurston

Michael Thurston (Smith College, Mass.): “Damn My Skin and Save My Conscience”: Irony & commitment in Autumn Journal


Ben Clarke (East Carolina University): ‘“The equation will come out at last”: MacNeice & the narration of history’


Katie Fleming (Queen Mary, University of London): “It was all so unimaginably different”: Antiquity in Autumn Journal



Reputation & Reception


Chair: Peter Mackay (QUB)

Renata Senktas, Anne Margaret Daniel, Val Nolan

Anne Margaret Daniel ( New School University , NYC): “The ladies would say that he looked like a poet”: Tom & the selling of Louis


Val Nolan (NUI Galway): MacNeice & the Faber poets photograph


Renata Senktas ( University of Warsaw ): It starts to snow: Reception of MacNeice in Poland

MacNeice & Other Arts


Chair: Philip McGowan (QUB)


Charles Armstrong, Tom Walker, Katherine Firth

Katherine Firth (Oxford Brookes): “Queen of the boys”: Hedli Anderson & the “Auden Gang”


Tom Walker (Lincoln College, Oxford): “Even a still life is alive”: MacNeice & Visual Art


Karen Brown (QUB): "Poems after a Painting" : MacNeice, Yeats & Durcan in the National Gallery of Ireland


Charles Armstrong (University of Bergen): Out of the Museum: MacNeice & the Confines of Aesthetic Space


Art & Politics


Chair: Dillon Johnston (St Louis)


Damien Keane, Seth Martin, Peter Golphin

Antony Shuttleworth (Ohio State University): Out of the Pictures: MacNeice’s art of the Thirties


Seth Martin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): “A rather agreeable nightmare”: Narratives of disintegration & the sinister in Zoo


Peter Golphin (Open University): “Propaganding”: Radio & Poetry in the early 1940s


Damien Keane (University of Buffalo-SUNY): Cross-fade of Silence to Stillness: MacNeice’s “The Unoccupied Zone”


Changing Aesthetics


Chair: Michael Allen (QUB)


Simon Workman, Kit Fryatt

Simon Workman (TCD): “Not matching pictures but inventing sound”: MacNeice & auditory imagination


Kit Fryatt (TCD): ‘“The paradox of a sentimentalist”: Reassessing MacNeice’s middle stretch


Alan Gillis ( Edinburgh University ): “As if I had known you”: MacNeice’s “All Over Again”


Contemporaries & Successors


Chair: Leontia Flynn (QUB)


Stephen Regan, John Goodby, Rui Carvalho Homem, Leontia Flynn

Andrew J. Browne (NUI Galway ): Newspapers or Surrealism? MacNeice’s reading of Beckett


John Goodby ( Swansea University ): “Bulbous Taliesin”: MacNeice & Dylan Thomas


Stephen Regan ( Durham University ): MacNeice & Philip Larkin


Rui Carvalho Homem ( University of Porto ): “Degrees of being alive’: MacNeice, drama & contemporary Northern Irish poets