Myra Zepf

Myra Zepf is the first ever Children's Writing Fellow for Northern Ireland. Based at the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, she is on a sworn mission to inspire kids to write their own stories. That sparky feeling you get when you have a brilliant idea? That brain tickle as you tease out a plot twist? Our Children’s Writing Fellow likes to fill rooms with those, in schools, libraries, at literary festivals, or anywhere she can find bored kids to brainstorm with. Sometimes she lets the teachers join in, if they are very well-behaved.

 The Children’s Writing Fellow is a prestigious new position created in honour of Seamus Heaney and his contribution to literature. A joint-initiative by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at Queen’s, the role is one of a number of projects created by the two organisations to ensure the legacy of the Nobel Prize-winning poet, and to inspire and support current and future generations of creative writing talent. The Children’s Fellow provides a voice for children’s literature in Northern Ireland and promotes an interest in reading and writing from an early age by encouraging creativity and engagement with books with children of all ages, from preschoolers, to young adults.

 Myra is a children’s author. Her picture book Don't Go to School! with illustrator Tarsila Krüse (Sterling, 2017) was first published in Irish as Ná Gabh ar Scoil! (Futa Fata, 2015). It was nominated for the Children's Book of the Year in Ireland, and also translated to Korean. She has also written historical fiction – Tubaiste ar an Titanic (Cló Mhaigh Eo, 2012) and Lá Leis na Lochlannaigh (Cois Life, 2016). She was three times nominated for the Reics Carló Book of the Year Award. She has recently translated Torben Kuhlmann’s award-winning Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse from German to Irish (Futa Fata, 2017) She eagerly awaits the publication in 2017 of a new series of picture books with illustrator Andrew Whitson.