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Scholarship Opportunities

Although not funded by Queen’s, the University is happy to promote applications for the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships and Kennedy Scholarships, which are managed by the Kennedy Memorial Trust in London.   These awards, which are open to national competition, are to support postgraduate study at Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and provide for travel costs, tuition fees and a generous stipend in excess of $20,000.  


Further information can be found on the following websites:


Further details on the full range of Scholarships and Awards available at the University can be found at:

See the Autumn Events Brochure

The School of Creative Arts is pleased to announce the release of the jam packed Autumn Events Brochure 2011!  

Browse all the seminars, concerts, performances and screenings in Music, Drama, Film and Sonic Arts.  

Download >>  Events Brochure Spring 2015 (pdf 3.5MB)  

Researchers at Queens University Belfast Conduct a Study on User Experience During Puzzle Games.

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are conducting a study to investigate user experience during puzzle games. To this end they have developed an iPhone / iPod Touch application named 'Brain Jog'. It’s the first step in a larger study which will investigate how effective so called ‘brain training’ apps can be in preventing cognitive decline / dementia and is designed for those aged 50+.

Brain Jog consists of 4 mini games designed to test 4 main areas of cognition: Spatial ability, working memory, arithmetic ability and verbal fluency. Games for seniors have steadily been gaining in popularity. Now research is being conducted to identify exactly what it is that seniors want. Brain Jog’s design is unique in that it is the result of one and a half year’s research and collaboration with those over the age of 50. To participate, simply download the application for free (link below). Start it, answer a few questions, then play the games. It’s as easy as that. There are no obligations, play as frequently as you like and stop whenever you choose.

Researcher, Donal O’Brien says; “Your participation will help us create a fantastic game experience for those over 50 and bring us one step closer to finding out whether or not ‘brain training’ can act in preventing cognitive decline / dementia”.

Donal O’Brien
Re: Brain Jog App
Tel: +44 (0) 754 299 1371

Brain Jog can be downloaded from here for free:

A video of Brain Jog can be found here: