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About the bulletin


Professor Isabel Torres

Chair of Spanish Golden Age literature at Queen’s, is the Bulletin’s executive editor

Professor Torres leads an international advisory committee made up of the leading lights of contemporary Hispanism. This review, dedicated to research into the languages, literatures, histories and civilisations of Spain, Portugal and Latin America, is published 10 times a year in conjunction with Queen’s University and University of Glasgow.

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Spanish at Queens University

The arrival of the Bulletin in Belfast continues a long history of scholarship in the field of Spanish at Queen’s, which was one of the first UK universities to establish a chair in this emergent discipline.


Spanish Bulletin Footnote

Founded in 1923

cutting edge

The Bulletin has remained at the cutting edge of contemporary research in Hispanism since it was founded.

Spanish Bulletin Tablet

Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies

Launched in 2015

The Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies focuses on film, television, photography, painting, drawing and other graphic arts, design, sculpture, architecture, the built environment and other digital and material visual media, cultures and arts.

Spanish Bulletin Meeting

The Bulletin

drawing on scholars from across the globe to shape its editorial vision

Queen’s staff feature prominently on the list. Professor Torres is Executive Editor, Dr Anne Holloway is Assistant Editor, Dr Fiona Clark is Editorial Advisor and Gemma McKenna is Editorial Assistant & Executive Officer.

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