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1:10PM - 2:00PM


Harty Room, Music Building, University Square, Queen's University Belfast


Free – all are welcome

This concert will feature a series of improvisations that explore different tactics and approaches to the art form. The combination of different performance disciplines and backgrounds create a unique and immersive experience for both audience, and performers. FLOW offers a platform for those interested in improvisation. We work together to develop our perception of our fellow performers, realisation of ideas, and connection within the ensemble and the space. If inspired during the concert, all are welcome and encouraged to join in - to experience the performance from the inside.

FLOW was created by Patrick Moore as an open platform for music improvisation in 2016. It has since evolved into a platform for all disciplines and backgrounds of perfomance including Dance, storytelling, and visual art. Patrick is a Master’s student at Queen’s studying composition and interpretation.


Amanda Kirkpatrick, Music, Events and Performance Officer t: 028 9097 5227 e: