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The Diary of Anne Frank - Rebekah Coffey




3:00PM - 4:00PM


Sonic Lab


£12 (£8 concession)

Rebekah Coffey

This memorable and atmospheric opera composed by Russian composer Grigory Frid, will be brought to life in a concert performance by Northern Irish Soprano Rebekah Coffey with Trio Ensemble. Frid was so inspired by reading Anne Frank’s diary that he created the opera in 1969. Vivid and insightful, this dramatic work recreates the world of 13 year-old Anne Frank in hiding, living in hope, longing for normality for herself and her family. Sung in English, the powerful optimism and unbending will to live continue to instill awe. The focus is on Anne Frank’s original words – her joy over a glimpse of blue sky, the budding love for her friend Peter, her humour and resilient hopes for freedom – all finding moving and eloquent expression in the poignant score.