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Transmusicking II




1:10PM - 2:00PM


Sonic Lab


Free – all are welcome

Female Laptop Orchestra (UK), Women in Music Tech (USA), WoNoMute (Norway), Sonora (Brazil) and Yorkshire Sound Women Network (UK)

Transmusicking II continues to explore geographical, cultural, technical and artistic challenges of collaborative music making, with co-located and distributed musicians who use multiple tools to relay musical information and create music together. This collaboration draws on the experience gained from Transmusicking I, premiered at Audio Mostly 2017, London. Distributed performers will use SARC’s mobile phone app liveSHOUT to send audio streams of soundscapes, electronic beats and live coding to the web-based Locus Sonus platform. Co-located musicians will improvise using saxophone, environmental loops, cello, voice, flute and online sound libraries. The mix of the incoming streams and the onsite performers’ inputs will be spatialized into the performance space. Live visuals will be produced to reinforce the themes of latency, collaboration, and togetherness.

Photo Cpation
From the top left: Liz Dobson, Léa Ikkache, Nela Brown, Magdalena Chudy and Ariane Stolfi
From the bottom left: Franziska Schroeder, Sonia Wilkie, Tuna Pase, Anna Xambó and Ada Mathea Hoel