Women in music technology around the world - FLO & WiMT


21/11/2018 - 21/11/2018


1:00PM - 2:00PM


Sonic Lab


Free – all are welcome

Female Laptop Orchestra (UK), Women in Music Tech (USA), WoNoMute (Norway), Sonora (Brazil) and Yorkshire Sound Women Network (UK)

This session is a roundtable and debate around existing initiatives and scenes of women in music technology around the world. After presenting the different organizations and their ways of working, the participants of the panel bring the conversation to the audience in a Q&A format to discuss transversal topics and open issues in our field, such as women role models, visibility of women’s work, mentoring, collaboration, funding, impact assessment, and sustainability.

Photo Caption
From the top left: Liz Dobson, Léa Ikkache, Nela Brown, Magdalena Chudy and Ariane Stolfi
From the bottom left: Franziska Schroeder, Sonia Wilkie, Tuna Pase, Anna Xambó and Ada Mathea Hoel


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