Phase 1 — 2015

Performance Without Barriers

Phase 1: 

SARC / Drake Music NI / 2015


Designing Inclusive Interactions
March 25th - 27th 2015

Sonic Arts and Public engagement programme “Big Ears” collaborated with The Drake Music Project Northern Ireland (DMNI) in 2015 under the theme: "Designing Inclusive Interactions". DMNI is a charity working for over 20 years to enable musicians with physical disabilities and learning difficulties to independently compose and perform their own music through technology.

The programme took place over 3 days within SARC, bringing together student musicians, engineers and programmers with musicians with disabilities to collaboratively create develop prototype accessible interfaces, and using them create an improvised electronic music ensemble performance.

Big Ears 2015 collaboration with Drake Music NI

Day #1

Day #2


Day #3

Recording of the final performance of improvised electronic music created using prototype interfaces collaboratively created between The Drake Music Project Northern Ireland Musicians and the Big Ears 2015 student interaction designers.

Listen to the full performance!

Big Ears 2015 Evaluation Report

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