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We Were There, a 60 minute documentary film on the women who passed through the Maze and Long Kesh Prison during the Troubles, will be screened by Banbridge District Council on August 28th and Newtownabbey District Council on September 16th. Co-directed by PhD student, Laura Aguiar, and Chair of Film Studies, Cahal McLaughlin, the film’s participants include probation officers, university tutors, relatives who visited the prison, an art teacher and a prison officer’s wife (Trailer: The film was edited from material in the Prisons Memory Archive, which is a collection of filmed recordings inside the Troubles' prisons of the men's Maze and Long Kesh and the women’s Armagh Gaol ( For details of the venues and times, please check the website nearer the times.

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Dr Schroeder contributed an article on ‘tone’ for the 1360 pages SAGE Encyclopedia, entitled "Music in the Social and Behavioral Sciences".

This Encyclopedia is considered the first definitive reference resource to take a broad interdisciplinary approach to the nexus between music and the social and behavioral sciences examines how music affects human beings and their interactions in and with the world. The interdisciplinary nature of the work provides a starting place for students to situate the status of music within the social sciences in fields such as anthropology, communications, psychology, linguistics, sociology, sports, political science and economics, as well as biology and the health sciences.


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