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Sounding Out on Brexit

Sounding Out on Brexit

The Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast organised this event which allowed participants to record sound bites / interviews on the topic of Brexit.

During the day participants interviewed the public on how their lives might change in a post-Brexit UK. In this hands-on workshop, which was designed and led by led by Dr Franziska Schroeder, attendees learned to use basic recording technologies (microphones, audio recorders etc). They edited the sound recordings on state of the art computer editing suites and compiled sound bites into a short piece which was played back at the end of the workshop. SARC dedicated professional sound artists and engineers were on hand to support participants.



Sounding Out on Brexit
25th March 2017
Sonic Arts Research Centre

Conceived by Franziska Schroeder

Sound snippets recorded by John and Garrett, John Baucher and Lukas Rebelo

Mastering and Compositional Layout by Pedro Rebelo

Technical Support by Dave Bird and Oisin Hughes

Led by Franziska Schroeder and Garrett Carr.