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Marvelling at the Skies, 2018

In May-June 2018 we organised a photo exhibition ‘Marvelling at the Skies: Comets through the Eyes of the Anglo-Saxons’ that was held at the Ulster Museum in Belfast The exhibition combined records of comets from Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and Bede's Ecclesiastical History) with contemporary images of comets (from the NASA, New York Times, Armagh Observatory, and the Astronomical Association from Northern Ireland), from the earliest contemporary description of a comet in England in MSA in the year 891 under the period of Alfred the Great, to the sighting of a hazy green-hued comet Lovejoy in 2015.

British Academy Showcase, 2018

On Friday 22-Saturday 23 June 2018 the APEX project Before and After Halley: Medieval Visions of Modern Science was featured in the British Academy Showcase in London.

'Before and After Halley: Medieval Visions of Modern Science' explores, for the first time, how medieval records of comets can be used to test the theory that our solar system may include an additional, undiscovered planet: Planet Nine. Combining the skills of a medievalist and an astronomer, this exhibit challenges the assumption that early medieval scientific thought was simple and undeserving of serious scientific investigation.