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Dr Xiwu HAnDr Xiwu Han

Research Fellow

Xiwu gained his Ph. D. of Computer Science from Harbin Insitute of Technology in 2006. Before joining this project, he was a post-doc research fellow in the University of Aberdeen’s dot.rural Hub, mainly working for developing techniques to facilitate communication between river data holders and users, and helping to teach AI, computing mathematics and data mining. His Bachelor and Master degrees were specialised in English language and General linguistics. Xiwu had worked as an ESL teacher, a computer programmer, a designer of software and hardware, and a teacher of computing science. His research interests include Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Understanding application in textual analysis, document classification, information retrieving, and Natural Language Generation application in improving public communication efficiency and facilitating wider policy.

LexiChron Project

LexiChron Project

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