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Industrial Links and Accreditation

Industrial Links

Employer Engagement

Employer engagement is a key strength of our courses, whether it be through placement opportunities, in one of the 500 technology companies we have links with, or through our Industrial Advisory board where employers feed in to the modules that we teach.

We also have dedicated members of staff to help you achieve that perfect placement.

Ann Doris

Careers and Placement Officer


Deloitte's First Year Software Engineering project

For instance, students in Computing will have the opportunity to work with Deloitte in the second semester of  first year. Representatives from the company developed a brief for the first year software engineering project. All teams were given the opportunity to present to Deloitte before the top three went on to compete for impressive prizes at a showcase presentation afternoon.


Citi go back to University

Citi were another company prepared to roll up their sleeves and come back to help teach our students. All of the subject matter covered was aimed at providing guidance and industry best practice to the core theory being taught, and to give the students additional insight into a future career in Technology.

To complement the lecture series and provide practical examples, several lab sessions were developed to give the students hands on experience of applying the material and tools covered in the lectures to their real life student projects.


Kainos get involved with the Peer Mentor hackathon

Kainos worked with our very own Peer Mentors to run an extremely successful hackathon, where student coding in the night on projects of their choosing. The wireless technology suite was buzzing with ideas and innovation when groups of like minded coders got together to create wonderful applications.


Industrial Accreditation

Our courses are fully accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS) or the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) and fulfill the educational requirement for Chartered status. See bottom of the page for more details.

The MEng is our flagship degree programme integrating and extending undergraduate study to Masters level.  It is a four year course or may be taken over five years with an optional placement year.  The BEng and BSc programmes lead to the award of a bachelor's degree with honours.  They run over three years or may also be taken over four years with a placement year (optional in some cases).


What it the BCS?

The BCS stands for the British Computer Society. It is the Chartered Institute for IT champions, the global IT profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession for the benefit of all.

What is the IET?

IET stands for The Institution of Engineering and Technology. It is one of the largest science, engineering and technology institutions with over 163,000 members in 127 countries. It is also the most multidisciplinary - to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of engineering in the 21st century. The IET is working to engineer a better world by inspiring, informing and influencing our members, engineers and technicians, and all those who are touched by the work of engineers.

In today's dynamic job market, membership of a professional organisation can be the one constant you can rely on for support throughout your career. So it's good to know, no matter where you are in your career, what challenges you are facing or where you want to be, the IET can provide you with a professional home for life which can help you achieve your career goals.

IET membership gives you access to a comprehensive range of products and support services specifically developed to meet all your professional needs. Put simply, it can make you more employable, help you perform better and raise your professional profile.


Programmes accredited at CEng level

MEng programmes

This programme is CEng accredited and fulfils the educational requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer.

Bachelors programmes accredited for CEng

This programme is CEng accredited and fulfils the educational requirements for Chartered Engineer when presented with an accredited MSc. In addition, the programme meets the educational requirements for registration as an Incorporated Engineer.