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Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Opportunities


  • Collaboration opportunities in academic and industry around understanding and evolving software

Dr David Cutting
  • Developing Power Converters for power networks and renewable energy systems

  • Developing Power Converters for the next Generation of Electric Vehicles

  • Topics related to Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, and Energy Conversion are welcome to be discussed

Dr Ahmad Elkhateb
  • High impact industry relevant research in modern application areas such as

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • The internet of things

  • Satellites

  • Healthcare imaging and sensors

Professor Vincent Fusco
  • Sensory systems

  • Computational neuroscience

Dr Richard Gault
  • Software engineering including Automated Software Refactoring

  • Requirements Engineering and Evolution

  • Software Evolution prediction

Dr Desmond Greer
  • Power and reliability characterisation and machine learning based modelling of processors and memories

  • Energy-efficient software, hardware design schemes for dependable/secure systems

  • Accelerators (FPGAs, co-processors) in Cloud and Edge environments

  • Cross-layer approximate computing based techniques

  • Circuits and systems for multimedia, communications and machine learning applications

Dr Georgios Karakonstantis
  • Index modulation

  • Randomised Secure modulation for physical layer security

  • Multiuser MIMO

  • Vehicular communications

  • Device-to-device communications

Dr Youngwook Ko
  • Smart Grid data analytics including Wind/Solar energy/Demand forecasting,

  • Smart Grid Event Detection and Classification

  • Energy storage optimization to facilitate renewable energy integration

Dr Xuequin Amy Liu
  • Machine learning, robotics, planning

Dr Vien Ngo
  • Wireless communications

  • Massive MIMO or fog computing

Dr Michalis Matthaiou
  • Statistical signal processing, with applications to wireless communications and computational biology

Dr David Morales
  • Wireless communications theory
  • Massive MIMO
  • Cell-free massive MIMO systems
Dr Hien Quoc Ngo
  • Data science and scalable computing

  • The use of accelerators in HPC clusters and Cloud/Edge environments

  • The use of HPC networks, such as InfiniBand

Dr Carlos Reano
  • SDNFV security

  • Predictive analytics for network security

  • Network monitoring and forensics

  • Edge-based network security

  • Performance-optimized security implementation

Dr Sandra Scott-Hayward
  • Developing LabView / python based data acquisition software

Dr Hamza Shakeel
  • High-performance computing

  • Runtime systems and compilation

  • Performance and scalability aspects of data analytics, in particular graph analytics

  • Blockchain technology

Dr Hans Vandierendonck
  • Numerical methods for simulation of mechano-acoustic systems and audio circuitry incorporating musically relevant non-linear phenomena

  • Design and formulation of versatile, computationally robust, efficient and fully tunable algorithms

  • Code optimisation for real-time audio rendering on standard and embedded systems

  • Design and development of sensor-based control interfaces that support nuanced performance affordances

  • Incorporation of instruments and other interactive sounding objects in VR/AR/MR environments

  • Study of musician-instrument interaction and participatory design strategies

Dr Maarten van Walstijn
  • Any system related aspect of parallel and distributed systems, including:
  • Fog and Edge computing
  • Cloud computing
Blesson Varghese
  • New Edge Computing Solutions for Machine Learning

  • Physical Layer Security Approaches for Internet-of-Things

  • Advanced Data Analysis for Manufacturing Applications

Professor Roger Woods

  • mm-wave antennas and systems

  • Wideband millimetre wave imaging antenna

  • Automotive radar sensor antenna system

Dr Dmitry Zelenchuk