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Hans’ research seeks to understand how to maximise the utilisation of computer systems in order to increase speed of computation, or reduce energy consumption. A central tenet of his research is to tease out key characteristics of applications, software and hardware and leverage these to develop bespoke algorithms and optimizations. His research focusses on runtime-system techniques, compilation and application-specific solutions. He has applied his research to scientific computing codes and data analytics problems.

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Prospective students with an interest in high-performance computing, runtime systems and compilation, or performance and scalability aspects of data analytics, in particular graph analytics, are welcome to apply.

I am moreover developing an interest in blockchain technology.

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Research students

PhD title: SYNAPSE: Symbiotic Network and Content Processing Engine

Name: Konstantin Bakanov
Years of Study: 2011-2019
Country: Estonia

 PhD title: Efficient Neural Network Architecture Search

Name: Roxana Istrate
Years of Study: 2016-2019

 PhD title: Byzantine Paxos to Solve Consensus in Blockchain Technology

Name: Michael Davis
Years of Study: 2018-2021
Country: Northern Ireland

Alumni: where are they now?

Ahmad Hassan

PhD title: Characterising and optimising in-memory database systems for emerging memory technologies

Years of Study: 2016
Country: Pakistan 
Current position: SAP (Maidenhead)


Jiawen Sun

PhD Title: The GraphGrind Framework: Fast Graph Analytics for Large Shared-Memory Systems 

Years of Study: 2018
Country: China
Current position: Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh

Jiawen Sun is finalist in the EPSRC Connected Nation Pioneers competition.

Sean Rul

PhD Title: Profile-Driven Discovery of Parallelism for Multi-Core Processors

Years of Study: 2010
Country: Belgium
Current position: Director IT Budget and Governance at Liberty Global




Charalambos Chalios

PhD Title: Runtime systems for significance-based computing

Years of Study: 2017
Country: Greece
Current position: Research engineer, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Spain




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