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Dr Van Wakstijn's research currently focuses on

  • Numerical methods for simulation of mechano-acoustic systems and audio circuitry incorporating musically relevant non-linear phenomena
  • Design and formulation of versatile, computationally robust, efficient and fully tunable algorithms
  • Code optimisation for real-time audio rendering on standard and embedded systems
  • Design and development of sensor-based control interfaces that support nuanced performance affordances
  • Incorporation of instruments and other interactive sounding objects in VR/AR/MR environments
  • Study of musician-instrument interaction and participatory design strategies

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Dr Van Wakstijn's open to PhD applications in the following areas:

  • Simulation of musical instruments, audio circuitry and audio processing systems
  • Design and development of sensor interfaces for virtual-acoustic instruments
  • Interactive sounding objects in VR/AR/MR environments
  • Study of musician-instrument interaction and participatory design strategies
  • Interactive Virtual-Acoustic Spaces
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Research students

PhD title: Guitar Amplifier and Effects Identification and Emulation

Name: Ben Holmes
Years of Study: 
Country: UK

 PhD title: Physics-Based Parameter Estimation for Real Time Control

Name: Sandor Mehes
Years of Study: 
Country: Hungary

 PhD title: Numerical modelling and experimental investigation of the non-linear contact dynamics of musical string instruments

Name: Jamie Bridges
Years of Study: 
Country: UK

Alumni: where are they now?

Konrad Kowalczyk

PhD title: Boundary and medium modelling using compact finite difference schemes in simulations of room acoustics for audio and architectural design applications

Country: Poland
Current position: Associate Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland


Vasileios Chatziioannou

PhD title: Forward and inverse-modelling of the reed-mouthpiece system in woodwind instruments with application to musical sound synthesis

Country: Greece
Current position: Associate Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna


Peter Stitt

PhD title: Ambisonics and Higher-Order Ambisonics for Off-Centre Listeners: Evaluation of Perceived and Predicted Image Direction

Country: UK
Current position: Runs a company (SSA Plugins) specialising in spatial audio solutions

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