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With the expected demise of Moore’s Law, there is a renewed challenge to explore computer architecture and lower power technologies such as FPGAs in the design of new, more powerful embedded systems. This has major implications for the design of autonomous systems, embedded AI systems and wireless communications.

Roger’s research is involved in the design and implementation of innovative systems for image processing systems, security systems for WiFi-based networks and embedded AI platforms for data analytics. There is as focus on practical implication and close collaboration with industry.

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There are PhD opportunities open in creation of innovative embedded systems:

  • New Edge Computing Solutions for Machine Learning
  • Physical Layer Security Approaches for Internet-of-Things
  • Advanced Data Analysis for Manufacturing Applications
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Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School Of Electronics, Electrical Engineering And Computer Science


Research students

PhD title: Adaptive algorithms for hardware acceleration of dynamic Bayesian networks

Name: Caoimhe Carbery
Years of Study: 
Country: Ireland

 PhD title: Efficient resource allocation in cloud systems and data centres

Name: Umar Minhas
Years of Study: 
Country: Pakistan

 PhD title: FPGA-based programmable embedded platform for image processing applications

Name: Fahad Siddiqui
Years of Study: 
Country: South Korea

Alumni: where are they now?

Colm Kelly

PhD title: Design exploration of image processing algorithms using FPGA based soft-core processors

Years of Study: 2011-2016
Country: UK
Current position: Thales


Junqing Zhang

PhD title: Key generation and physical layer encryption for secure wireless communications

Years of Study: 2012-2015
Country: UK
Current position: Research Fellow, University of Liverpool


Jianhua Lv

PhD title: System-on-chip Heterogeneous Architecture Recognition Engine for Speech

Years of Study: 2007-2010
Country: USA
Current position: Speech Scientist at Nuance Communications

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