School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hardware Design of Underlying Components for Highly Efficient Quantum-Safe Cryptography

Internships Summer 2017/18

Proposed Project Title:

  • Hardware Design of Underlying Components for Highly Efficient Quantum-Safe Cryptography

Principal Supervisor(s):
  • Dr Ciara Rafferty

Project Description:

Secure communications are vital to support our digital society.  Cryptography has become one of the main tools for providing privacy, trust, secure electronic payments and in general, secure data communication. 

Research into quantum computing is gaining momentum and it is imperative to continue to research into alternative quantum-safe cryptography, also known as post-quantum cryptography, which is currently proven to remain secure in the future advent of a viable quantum computer.  Such quantum-safe alternatives show promise to date, but require further optimisations to match and indeed improve upon the efficiency of existing, widely used cryptography. 

The aim of this project is to design and efficiently implement the core underlying components, such as modular reduction, on an FPGA to advance the efficiency of quantum-safe cryptosystems.

  • To become familiar with the basics of cryptography and post-quantum cryptography
  • To study the underlying components within post-quantum cryptosystems, such as modular reduction
  • To review state-of-the-art modular reduction hardware designs
  • To propose and design an efficient modular reduction hardware architecture, targeting the FPGA platform, with the aim of improving the performance of quantum-safe cryptosystems
  • To evaluate the proposed design and compare with previous state-of-the-art research

Academic Requirements:

The scheme is open to all EEECS Undergraduates (apart from students on the BIT degree pathway and students who are due to graduate this summer)

General Information:

Each internship will last between 6-8 weeks and will pay a weekly stipend of £200.

Accommodation and travel costs are not provided under this scheme.

Start date: July 2017

Duration:    6 (Weeks)

Location: CSIT, ECIT Institute

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Contact details:

Supervisor Name: Dr Ciara Rafferty

Queens University of Belfast
School of EEECS,
Centre for Secure Information Technology,
NI Science Park,
Queen’s Road,
Queen’s Island,

Tel: +44 (0)28 9097 1700