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Academic Staff - Anthropology

Prof Dominic Bryan  Reader Anthropology of Ireland; conflict; rituals and emblems; policing; Belfast; commemorations
Dr Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou Lecturer Anthropology of conflict; Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean; ethnicity and nationalism; memory
Prof. Hastings Donnan Professor of Anthropology and Director, Mitchell Institute Anthropology of conflict; borderlands; Ireland; South Asia
Dr John Knight Reader Anthroplogy of human-animal relations; Japanese society
Prof. Fiona Magowan Professor of Anthropology Anthroplogy of conflict; ethnomusicology; religion and ritual; risk; Aboriginal Australian society
Dr Maruska Svasek Reader Cultural Anthropology; migration, material culture, and emotions; South Asia; Central Europe
Dr Ioannis Tsioulakis Lecturer Ethnomusicology; music, professionalism and cultural identity; Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean; globalisation, economic change and world music
Dr Joseph Webster Lecturer Anthropology of religion; belief, ritual and practice; evangelicalism and apocalypticism; ethno-religious nationalism; Scotland and Northern Ireland
Cognition and Culture    
Dr Jonathan Lanman Senior Lecturer

Cognitive science of religion; atheism and secularisation; Religious identity, ritual, and self-sacrifice

Dr Paulo Sousa Senior Lecturer and Director, Institute for Cognition and Culture Cognitive Anthropology; agency, moral psychology and inter-group conflict; relationship between harm and morality