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Academic Staff - History



Dr Sparky Booker


Late Medieval Ireland; Dublin; gender

Dr Ian Campbell

Senior Lecturer

Early-Modern Ireland and Europe; 17th-century intellectual history; War and the supernatural

Dr Marie Coleman


20th-Century Ireland; First World War and 1916; Decade of Centenaries

Dr Kieran Connell


Contemporary Britain; urban history; immigration and race relations; cultural history

Dr Paul Corthorn


20th-Century Britain; Labour party; Cold War and international relations; Enoch Powell

Dr Niamh Cullen


20th-Century Europe; Italy; social and gender history

Dr John R. Curran

Senior Lecturer

Romano-Jewish relations; religions and society of the ancient Mediterranean and the Christianization of the later Roman Empire

Dr James Davis

Senior Lecturer

Later Medieval England; urban history; markets, trade and economic relations

Dr Aglaia De Angeli


20th-Century China; European colonialism and Republican China; Robert Hart

Dr Olivia Dee

Research Fellow

NI Dept of Health project: 'Mother and Baby Inquiry'

Dr Scott Dixon

Senior Lecturer

Religious history of Early-Modern Europe, especially the German Reformation and its legacy

Dr Ed Downey

Research Fellow

Voyaging through History: the Meanings of the Mayflower

Dr Elaine Farrell

Senior Lecturer

19th-Century Ireland; women's history; crime and punishment; migration and the Irish diaspora

Dr Ann-Marie Foster


20th Century Britain, Memory, Material Culture, War, Public History

Dr Daragh Gannon

Research Fellow

20th-Century Ireland: Transnational 1916; Irish diaspora; Irish in Britain

Prof. Peter Gray

Professor of Modern Irish History and Director, Institute of Irish Studies

19th-Century Ireland; the Great Famine and its historiography; politics of poverty and land; Ulster radicalism / Personal webpage

Prof. Crawford Gribben 

Professor of Early-Modern British History

Religious history of 17th-Century Britain and Ireland; apocalyticism and evangelicalism 17th-21st centuries

Dr Leonie Hannan

Research Fellow

Early-Modern Britain; gender, intellectual history and science in the 18th-century; heritage and material culture / Personal webpage

Dr Andrew Holmes


Religious history of 18th to 20th-Century Ireland, especially Ulster Presbyterianism; religion and science

Dr Tom Hulme 


20th-Century Britain; urban history of UK and USA; citizenship

Dr Brian Kelly


19th-20th-Century America; labour, race and class in the US south; Reconstruction and civil rights

Dr Daniel Kowalsky


20th-Century Europe; Spanish Civil War and its legacies; Soviet foreign policy

Dr Ashok Malhotra

Research Fellow

19th and 20th-Century British Empire; India; cultural and scientific history

Prof. Chris Marsh

Professor of Early-Modern Cultural History 16th and 17th-Century England; history of music and popular culture; history of religion

Mr Stuart Mathieson

Research Fellow

Leverhulme Trust project: 'Fundamentalism as an Ulster Phenomenon'

Prof. Fearghal McGarry Professor of Modern Irish History 20th-Century Ireland; 1916 and the Decade of Centenaries; Politics of Independent Ireland; Republicanism; History and film
Dr Kathleen Miller Marie Curie PostDoc Kathleen is based in Toronto for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 with her final year (2020/2021) based  at Queen's
Dr Eric Morier-Genoud Senior Lecturer 20th-Century Sub-Saharan Africa; history of missions; Catholicism; Portuguese empire; Mozambique
Prof. Sean O'Connell Professor of British and Irish Social History and Discipline Lead for History 20th-Century Britain; urban history; class; consumerism; gender; Belfast
Dr Sinead O'Sullivan Reader Early Medieval Europe, especially Germany; intellectual history / Personal webpage
Dr Milan Pajic Lecturer Medieval History; migration of artisans between England and Continental Europe in the late middle ages
Dr Laura Pfuntner Lecturer Roman empire, especially Sicily; urban history
Dr Olwen Purdue Senior Lecturer 19th-20th-Century Ireland; social history; class and poverty; the 'Big House'; Belfast; heritage and public history
Dr Emma Reisz Lecturer 20th-Century British Empire, especially South-East Asia; Robert Hart and China
Dr Nik Ribianszky Lecturer 18th-19th Century America; slavery; gender
Dr Alexander Titov Lecturer 20th-Century Europe; post-1945 USSR and Russia; foreign policy; intellectual history
Prof. Diane Urquhart Professor of Gender History 19th-20th Century Ireland; women's history and historiography; women in politics; divorce; abortion
Dr Floris Verhaart Research Fellow Early-Modern Britain and Europe; War and the Supernatural
Dr Keira Williams Lecturer

Modern/recent U.S. cultural and political history, with a particular focus on gender, race, class, and popular culture.

Emeritus Staff

Professor Peter Bowler Professor Emeritus in History of Science History of evolutionary thought  
Professsor Ken Brown Professor Emeritus in History Modern British economic history; business history  
Professor Brian Campbell Professor Emeritus of Ancient History Roman empire  
Professor Leslie Clarkson Professor Emeritus in Economic and Social History Demography of Britain and Ireland


Professor Sean Connolly Professor Emeritus of Irish History 17th-19th century Ireland; Belfast; Diaspora  
Professor Marie Therese Flanagan Professor Emerita of Medieval History Anglo-Norman Ireland  
Professor David Hayton Professor Emeritus of Early-Modern Irish and British History 18th-century Ireland and Britain; History of Parliament  
Professor Liam Kennedy Professor Emeritus in Economic History Modern Irish economic history  
Professor Mary O'Dowd Professor Emeritus of Gender History Early-modern Ireland; women's history and historiography; marriage  
Professor David Whitehead Professor Emeritus of Ancient History Ancient Greece  


Honorary and Visiting Staff

Professor David Armitage Honorary Professor in History Harvard University  
Dr Clare Guest Visiting Research Fellow in History Trinity College Dublin Research area: Classical Humanism, Italian Renaissance, Reception of Classical Antiquity, Art and Architectural History and Theory 
Dr Patrick Fitzgerald Honorary Lecturer in History Mellon Centre for Migration Studies  
Dr Myrtle Hill Visiting Research Fellow in History QUB  
Dr Margaret Ward Visiting Research Fellow in History QUB