Philosophy Academic Staff

Academic Staff - Philosophy

Dr Roger Clarke Lecturer Epistemology, Logic, History of Philosophy, and Free Will
Dr Joseph Diekemper Senior Lecturer Diplomatic and international history - the main focus being on security and defence aspects of the European Integration process. International Organisations, the Cold War, contemporary European and German history and United States foreign policy
Dr Joe Morrison Lecturer Naturalized epistemology, Quine, holism, (anti-)psychologism in logic, reasoning, philosophy of science
Dr Tom Walker Senior Lecturer The extent and limits of healthcare professionals' obligations to provide information to their patients.  Questions of fairness in resource allocation decisions, focusing primarily on medical and social care resources. The ethics of interventions to change people's behaviour in order either to benefit them or to protect their future autonomy. The nature of privacy and the tension between respecting privacy and security
Dr Jeremy Watkins Lecturer Theories of forgiveness and punishment, moral and legal responsibility, moral luck, the ethics of international law, and the definition of morality