Participant Information

Session Papers

Session 1

“‘Thoroughly Done For’: Mastery & the Conflict over Wage Labor in Louisiana’s Sugar Country” R Follett [download - word doc]

Mapping Freedom's Terrain: The Political and Productive Landscapes of Wilmington, North Carolina, Susan Eva O’Donovan [download - word doc]

Session 2

“Ex-Slaveholders and the Ku Klux Klan: Exploring the Motivation of Terrorist Violence” Michael W. Fitzgerald [download - word doc]

“It Looks Much Like Abandoned Land” Property and Political Allegiance in Reconstruction Mississippi, Erik T. Mathisen [download - word doc]

Session 3

'What Difference Did Redemption Make? The Transformation of Black Politics in South Carolina', 1865-1900, Brian Kelly [download - word doc]

'Reckoning with Empire: Race, Freedom, and State Power across the Pacific', Moon-Ho Jung [download - word doc]

“’They More than Hope for the Nation’ :  Black Women Negotiating Gender, Labor and Citizenship in the Post-Emancipation South”
Sharon Harley, University of Maryland  [download - word doc]

Session 4

"The Making of the Piedmont Working Class, 1865-1885", Bruce E Baker [download - word doc]

"A Hot Municipal Contest": Politics and Prohibition in Greenville, South Carolina, 1868-1895, Stephen A. West [download - word doc]



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