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1988 R. R. Davies, (University of Aberystwyth)

‘Domination and conquest: the experience of Ireland, Scotland and Wales’.

Published as Domination and conquest : the experience of Ireland, Scotland and Wales 1100-1300 (Cambridge, 1990)

1987 J. F. Ade Ajayi, (University of Abadan)

‘The search for development in Africa: an exploration of the development process within the African historical experience’

1986 Maurice Larkin, (University of Edinburgh)

‘Religion and politics in the twentieth century: the French experience’.

Published as Religion, politics and preferment in France since 1890 (Cambridge, 1986)

1985 E. J. Hobsbawm, (University of London)

‘Nations and nationalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries’.

Published as Nations and nationalism since 1780: Programme, myth, reality (Cambridge, 1990; 2nd ed., 1992)

1984 Jonathan Spence, (Yale University)

‘Politics and culture in Chinese society'.

1982 John Cannon, (University of  Newcastle upon Tyne)

‘The peerage in eighteenth-century England'.

Published as Aristocratic century : the peerage of eighteenth-century England (Cambridge, 1984)

1981 D. C. Watt, (University of London)

‘America in Britain’s place 1900–1975’.

Published as Succeeding John Bull: America in Britain’s place 1900-1975 (Cambridge, 1984)

1980 Sir Moses Finley, (University of Cambridge)

‘Politics in the ancient world’.

Published as: Politics in the Ancient World (Cambridge, 1983)

1979 Brian Tierney, (Cornell University)

‘Ecclesiology and constitutional thought, 1150–1650: from Gratian to Grotius’.

Published as Religion, law, and the growth of constitutional thought 1150–1650 (Cambridge, 1982)

1978 Terence Ranger, (University of Manchester)

‘Witchcraft belief in the history of three continents: an Africanist Perspective’

1977 Michael Roberts, (formerly of the Queen’s University, Belfast)

‘The Swedish imperial experience, 1560–1718’.

Published as The Swedish imperial experience, 1560-1718 (Cambridge, 1979)

1976 W. B. Gallie, (University of Cambridge)

‘Philosophers of war and peace’.

Published as Philosophers of peace and war: Kant, Clausewitz, Marx, Engels and Tolstoy (Cambridge, 1978)

1975 H. R. Trevor-Roper, (University of Oxford)

‘The ecumenical movement and the English church, 1560–1640’

1974 J. A. Gallagher, (University of Cambridge)

‘European powers and colonial subjects: imperialism and nationalism since the Boston Tea Party’

1973 F. J. Fisher, (University of London)

‘Economic change in the seventeenth century’

1972 G. R. Elton, (University of Cambridge)

‘Reform and renewal in early Tudor England’.

Published as Reform and renewal: Thomas Cromwell and the common weal (Cambridge, 1973)

1971 E. Estyn Evans, (Institute of Irish Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast)

‘Habitat, heritage and history: the personality of Ireland’.

Published as The personality of Ireland: habitat, heritage and history (Cambridge, 1973; revised ed., Belfast, 1981)

1970 Lord Cohen of Birkenhead, (President, General Medical Council)

‘Bloodletting: its influence on the evolution of medicine’

1969 J. H. Elliott, (University of London)

‘The old world and the new, 1492–1650’.

Published as The old world and the new, 1492–1650 (Cambridge, 1970)

1968 Sir Steven Runciman,

‘The last Byzantine Renaissance: intellectual life under the Palaeologan emperors’.

Published as The last Byzantine Renaissance (Cambridge, 1970)

1967 J. Steven Watson, (University of St Andrews)

‘The rise of party politics in England and America’

1966 I. Bernard Cohen, (Harvard University)

‘Isaac Newton: the creative scientific mind at work’

Published as The Newtonian Revolution. With illustrations of the transformation of scientific ideas (Cambridge, 1980)

1965 Sir Maurice Bowra, (University of Oxford)

‘Poetry and politics, 1900–1960’.

Published as Poetry and politics, 1900–1960 (Cambridge, 1966)

1964 G.S. Graham, (University of London)

‘An epoch of Maritime Empire: the nineteenth century’.

Published as The politics of naval supremacy.  Studies in British Maritime Ascendancy (Cambridge, 1965)

1963 E.R. Dodds, (University of Oxford)

‘Pagan and Christian in an age of anxiety: some aspects of religious experience, A.D. 161–312’.

Published as Pagan and Christian in an age of anxiety: some aspects of religious experience, from Marcus Aurelius to Constantine (Cambridge, 1965)

1962 Alfred Cobban, (University of London)

‘The French Revolution’.

Published as The social interpretation of the French Revolution (Cambridge, 1964)

1961 Denys Hay, (University of Edinburgh)

‘The Italian renaissance in its historical background’.

Published as The Italian renaissance in its historical background (Cambridge, 1961: rev. ed., Cambridge, 1977)

1960 Sir Keith Hancock, (Australian National University, Canberra)

‘A View of this Century’.

Published as Four studies of war and peace in this century (Cambridge. 1961)

1959 Norman Sykes, (Dean of Winchester)

‘Ecclesiastical history’.

Published as Man as churchman (Cambridge, 1960)

1958 T. F. T. Plucknett, (University of London)

‘Edward I and Criminal Law’.

Published as Edward I and criminal law (Cambridge, 1960)

1956 Sir George N. Clark, (University of Oxford)

‘War and society in the seventeenth century’.

Published as War and society in the seventeenth century (Cambridge, 1958)

1955 J.U. Neff, (University of Chicago)

‘Cultural Foundations of Industrial Civilization’.

Published as Cultural foundations of industrial civilization (Cambridge, 1958).

1954 Herbert Butterfield, (University of Cambridge)

‘The history of historical enquiry’.

Published as Man on his past.  The study of the history of historical scholarship (Cambridge, 1955)