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Queen’s has exchange opportunities with universities in Canada and Australia

Queen’s has exchange opportunities with universities in Canada and Australia. Your year or semester abroad will replace the similar period at Queen's and the courses will count towards your UG degree.


Attend an Information Session about this programme

To maximise your chances of getting a place on the programme, register for an Information Session on MyFuture. Speak with returning students and find out about the application process.

Step 1

You should complete one "Application for Undergraduate Exchange Programmes" form indicating, in rank order, your preferred universities. Please download the form below and complete it electronically. You should also download and read carefully the "Instructions for Completing the Application".

Step 2

Please download the guidance notes for each university that interests you. The guidance notes contain information about the university, available subject areas and relevant web addresses.

Step 3

You must complete a Course Selection Form for the university that you have ranked as first choice only.

If you are unable to download the forms or guidance notes above, please contact the Global Opportunities Team (Careers, Employability and Skills) in the Student Guidance Centre or email We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the exchange programmes