America in the Age of Trump


America in the Age of Trump - 15th October 2018

SPEAKER: James McDermott, Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1989-2016)

Why and how did Trump succeed?

What does Trump’s election tell us about the future and what will be America’s role in the world?

Is America going down the road to ‘strong man’ governance?


James McDermot was a Democratic Party Member of Congress from 1989-2016, representing Washington's 7th Congressional District. He has over 40 years of public service in the federal and state government.  He is a seasoned educator with an in-depth knowledge of international governmental issues and challenges and a clear vision of current events. An accomplished communicator and Congressional champion of issues relating to social justice, healthcare, veterans' reintegration, and foreign affairs and international engagement. Currently co-authoring a book exploring the decline of the Congressional role in U.S. democracy and prescriptions for its restoration, currently scheduled for publication in early 2019.

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