Classics and Ancient History


Three Roman Warriors - Classic and Ancient History event - 9 Feb 2018

Showcase event hosted by the Ulster Museum

QUB historians of antiquity, in collaboration with the AHRC-funded 'Advocating Classics Education' (ACE) and The Classical AssociatAncient Toolsion in Northern Ireland held a show-case event hosted by the Ulster Museum on Friday 9th February. The carefully designed programme offered a combination of sessions of general historical interest to schools as well as dedicated curriculum-supporting talks. University College Dublin loaned some very valuable artefacts for handling sessions and Legion Ireland brought a great collection of replica Roman armour and equipment. Students of Drama at QUB, under the direction of Mr David Grant, introduced younger children to the Greek stage and to sixth-formers illustrated how Classical theatre has been interpreted by Irish playwrights from North and South.  With over four hundred students attending, the event demonstrated the appetite in schools for the study of the ancient world, as well as the capacity of QUB across several disciplines to provide a stimulating and educational experience for younger students. Professor Edith Hall of King's College London, representing the ACE project, was very impressed by the size of the event and, as ever, the warmth of the welcome in Belfast. With the broader impact of university learning and research now high on the public agenda, the event was a timely and highly successful example of how much can be achieved in partnership with major institutions like the Ulster Museum when promoting History at QUB.



Ancient Egyptian map and coin some modern papyrus with ancient coins
copies of late antique and early medieval maps Ancient Maps



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