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Deadline Looms for €10,000 Michel Déon Prize

Ida Milne a frontrunner for inaugural nonfiction prize.

Ida Milne and book cover - Sept 2018

Nominations close in just over a week for the inaugural €10,000 Michel Déon Prize for the best work of nonfiction by a writer living in Ireland and the three most popular titles so far are Stacking the Coffins by Ida Milne; Notes to Self: Essays by Emilie Pine and Conflict, Peace and Mental Health: Addressing the consequences of conflict and trauma in Northern Ireland by David Bolton.

So far there are three HAPP-related books nominated -

Ida Milne (worked at Queen's during her IRC award)( )

Peter Bowler (Emeritus Prof) (

Jonathan Evershed (a former PhD student, supervisor Dr Dominic Bryan's) (