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Ethnograhic of Movement, Sociality and Space

Placemaking in the New Northern Ireland

The School is pleased to announce the publication of the book 'Ethnographic of Movement, Sociality and Space: Placemaking in the New Northern Ireland, by authors Maruska Svasek (School of HAPP) and Milena Komarove (Mitchell Inst), afterword by Dominic Bryan (School of HAPP).

Professor Richard Jenkins, Sheffield University reviewed the book and states:

“This volume will set a new benchmark for the ethnographic study of life in the north of Ireland today. Focusing on practices and discourses of placemaking, it explores many of the nooks and crannies of everyday life that are perhaps less than visible to the outsider… It is a pleasure to read and makes an important contribution to our understanding of the place in question, and its people, but also to the wider anthropology of the contemporary world.”

To find out more about the book please click here

An official book launch will be organised during semester one of the academic year 2018/2019, date TBC.