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International Relations PGR Conference - Call for Papers

“The Complexity of Nature, Hybrids and Four-Legged Cyborgs: What do we mean by Posthuman Politics?” Tuesday 12th June, 2018 Queen’s University, Belfast

The Complexity of Nature

This conference focuses on post-anthropocentric world views in politics and security, offering the opportunity for discussion based on emerging perspectives from critical security studies and Posthumanism that are concerned with developing ideas of the non-human in security and politics. Issues concerning the non-human in these disciplines are of growing importance as they challenge dualistic world views that separate humans from other living things. This field of study engages a range of fascinating, cutting edge post-anthropocentric theories including Posthumanism, New Materialism and Actor- Network Theory that have brought new ideas and debates to the forefront of international relations, challenging the foundations of everything we know and how we know it.

These approaches are focused on navigating the complexity of an inter-species world, where we are not separate from nature, but embedded within it. The non-human incorporates a diverse spectrum of critters, things and processes therefore bringing forth the opportunity for unique interdisciplinary engagement between different schools of thought. Understanding the non-human as more than just resource, as vibrant and impactful, changes how we view nature, shifting the focus to how we can understand other beings and things as playing an important part in politics. This challenges dominant ontologies of politics and security, instead exploring ideas of complexity and hybridization.

Discussions will consider emergent theories and approaches that engaging the non-human within the nexus of politics and security and what is meant by Posthuman Politics. This conference offers a welcoming and friendly forum to openly discuss ideas, develop our own work, and build a network for those interested in Posthuman Politics and who are passionate about nature conservation. Discussion panels and papers should be based loosely on:

  • Critical Security
  • Politics
  • Nature Conservation,
  • Green Militarization
  • Climate change
  • Environmental security
  • Deep ecology
  • Posthumanism
  • Post-anthropocentrism
  • Inter-Species Relations
  • Ecofeminism
  • New Materialism
  • Technology
  • Surveillance
  • Animal Studies
  • Wildlife Poaching and Trafficking
  • Conservation Biology

You are more than welcome to assemble a panel, submit a paper, make a presentation, or even give a talk. This conference is a one day event and encourages interdisciplinary engagement and creativity to establish a diverse and friendly network for the development of future research in the field.
Tea, coffee and light snacks will be provided for attendees, if you have any dietary requirements please let us know and we will happily accommodate.
Abstracts for papers must be no more than 300 words and should be submitted on or before May 7th 2018.

Submissions and ideas should be emailed to

Please feel free to email me any time at this address with any questions or administrative queries.

Emma Fletcher-Barnes
PhD Candidate, QUB