Lee McGowan participates in NICVA EU Referendum event


"EU Referendum and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector" conference

PISP's Dr Lee McGowan participated as a debater on the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action's conference: EU Referendum and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector.

The conference was an opportunity for voluntary community organisations and social enterprises from across NI to think about the impact of the possible outcomes of the referendum on the people they work with.

Allen & Overy’s senior partner, David Morley called the vote on the EU referendum  “the defining issue for the UK, for the economy, if not society as a whole,for a generation." As the debate heats up its time for VCSE sector to examine how and why the possible results of the vote will impact on the people we work with and the issues we care about.

This special event began with information on how referenda work, advice for charities interested in campaigning on the referendum and an exploration of the work the EU has funded in our sector. This was follwed by three debates on the themes of economy; the movement of people and labour; and poverty and social inclusion.

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