Love, Hate and Beyond: Affect and Emotions


Featuresing international guest speakers Keynote speaker: Dr Kayla Rush

Second and third year anthropology students of the 'Love, Hate & Beyond' module have organised an exciting conference called 'Love, Hate & Beyond: Affect and Emotions'. The conference will be held in Room 8, 18 College Green Room on Wednesday 18th April from 9am- 4pm. The conference is open to students and staff of all disciplines. Lunch and refreshments will be provided!

As part of their assessment for the module, the second year students were asked to organise an anthropology conference in which the third year students present on a topic of their choice, under the general theme. The third year students have prepared some intriguing presentations, including 'The Emotions in Heavy Metal: Breaking the Stigma', ' Words of Division & Trauma: The Affective Vocabulary of the Greek Civil War' and 'Somewhere Better: How Religious Belief Helps People Survive Death'. Many topics are based on the ethnographic fieldwork that the students completed for their final dissertation. Connected through their focus on emotions, the topics are diverse and fascinating!

The guest speaker for the event is Dr Kayla Rush (a postgraduate graduate from HAPP) who will sharing her expertise through the topic ‘Emotions and Transformation in Community Arts’. Additionally, 5 art students from Rotterdam will be in attendance, giving a refreshing artistic approach through topics such as 'A Visual Revisit of Traumatic Memories', and 'Affection to Nature'. The students have put a lot of hard work into the conference and the day is looking to be an exciting exploration of all facets of emotions!

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