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Prof John Garry - Inaugural Lecture

13th March 2019

Summary of Lecture

In this lecture, Prof. Garry will speak about citizens' assemblies and their role in the Northern Irish context. Citizens’ assemblies are made up of a random selection of ordinary citizens who are given the task of considering a public policy issue and making a decision or recommendation. This lecture examines the potentially valuable role that Citizens’ Assemblies can play in Northern Ireland. It examines how they could work and whether they would be seen by the public and by politicians as an acceptable way to make decisions. In the context of ‘Brexit’, the continued absence of a power-sharing executive, and increasing calls for a referendum on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland, this lecture considers how Citizens’ Assemblies may contribute to the quality of democratic decision making in Northern Ireland.

Guests need to arrive by 18:00 for a 18:15 commencement. A small reception will follow after the talk. 

Registration is via Eventbrite click here