The memory of the Russian Revolution

A film on 16th November 2017 and a day of talks on 17th November 2017

Russian Revoluntion - 1917

16th November 2017

Venue: Queen's Film Theatre, University Square

Time: 13.00 - 16.00

Entry: Free

Film Screening: Chapaev, (Sergei & Georgi Vasiliev, USSR, 1934)

With introduction by Alex Titov and discussion afterwards.

17th November 2017

A day of talks on the memory and commermorationof the Russian Revolution

Venue: Senate Room

Entry: Free


Memories of 1917: 9.30 -11.00am

Ian Thatcher (University of Ulster) – Memoirs of the Russian Provisional Government 1917 Katy Turton (QUB) – Memories of Women’s Role in the February Revolution Hannah Parker (University of Sheffield) – Women Remember the October Revolution

The International Memory of 1917: 11.30-1 pm

Valerie Gorin (University of Lausanne) - The Russian Revolution and America Aglaia De Angeli (QUB) - Memory of 1917 in Communist China Danny Kowalsky (QUB) - The Russian Revolution and the Spanish Civil War

Legacy of 1917 in the USSR and Russia: 2-4pm

Rob Dale (University of Newcastle) - Remembering Revolution in the late Stalinist Era Nikolay Mitrokhin (University of Bremen) - Children of the tsarist elites and Lenin's revolutionaries in the Central Committee apparatus during the Thaw and Stagnation Alex Titov (QUB) - The October Revolution in the Thaw and Perestroika: from idealization to vilification James Ryan (University of Cardiff) - The Politics of National History: Russia and the Centenary of 1917

‘1917, Some Centennial Reflections’: 5-6pm

Keynote address by Geoff Swain (University of Glasgow)

Change of Venue: Please note, that the main event takes place in the Senate Room with the keynote taking place in PFC.02.026

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